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Punks, London, 1977

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Clean Bandit - Extraordinary

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My other nickname is “Pouts” (no idea why) (at The Orleans Hotel & Casino)

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I’m actually really reluctant to draw pretty things because I feel like a cliche but…I secretly love butterflies

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Model: Winter Kelly
Peau d’Âme Corsets
Photo: WinterWolf Studio

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La solitude by Karel Fonteyne


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Spiral Stairway, St. Augustine FL. By LollieJ for Minted.

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TBT (I used to have super short hair)

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Throwback Thursday: Ashley + the balloons (at e.b. PEPPER)

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Harold Edgerton: Motion Study of Smoke Vortices Caused by Electric Fan, 1934

Using a stroboscopic flash to achieve exposures as fast as 1/100,000 of a second, Edgerton revealed aspects of motion and of the structure of the world not visible to the naked eye in real time. Here his apparatus arrested the briefest of exchanges between a wisp of smoke and the blades of an operating electric fan.

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